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Gallicoop is committed in the promotion of health conscious  nutrition,  thus had developed and introduced in 2009 to the market the new premium quality and healthy "Natura" products  - in vacuum- and controlled atmoshere packaging.
The Natura products do not contain any artifical E -number marked additive (eg. colours, antioxidants, stabilyzers, preservatives, etc...) thus these products are the best choice for children and health conscious people.
A quality turkey ham product  -  with a very reasonable price  -  was requested by the Hungarian consumers. 
Our "Pepito" is a quality and tasty product product made of turkey leg meat, and it is achievable also for the price sensitive consumers.

A harmonic tasted turkey burger seasoned with the popular "Vegeta" spice mix.

The turkey cordon bleu (breadcrumb coated whole muscle turkey breast escalopes filled with cheese and ham ) are individually packed into polybag and placed into retail cartons thus provides an unique flexibility for the retail outlets and consumers: the breaded products might be purchased by the piece !

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